Prefer a classic pearl jewellery statement piece?

At MONTASH, we also design glowing pearly jewellery pieces!

Pearls are an earthy gem, treasured for their purity, lustre, elegance and are a noted symbol of classic beauty.  They occur naturally and are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Pearl tuition

Pearls have their own grading system:

  • Orient – Inner glow and luminous iridescence of the pearls surface
  • Size – Size grown in oyster
  • Shape – round, pear, tear and oval shape, the more symmetrical the more valuable.
  • Surface perfection – blemishes are a part of a pearls authenticity, the less blemishes the more valuable.
  • Rarity – matching orient, shape, size and colour is a meticulous exercise.

We also offer a pearl re-threading service to repair or bring life back to a much loved pearl jewellery piece.

To learn more about the colours and different variations of pearls contact us at MONTASH Jewellery Design to view our collections.

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