Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend….

A diamond should always be surrounded and enhanced by a well designed piece of jewellery. At MONTASH, with our diamond jewellery range we ensure that all diamonds are enhanced by the jewellery piece. This means that we make the piece to ensure its brilliance and sparkle are always on show!

Most people associate the wearing of diamonds to rings for engagement and marriage. There are plenty of occasions that warrant diamonds and diamond pendants, diamond bracelets and diamond earrings make excellent choices for marking a special occasion or memorable life moment.

White Diamonds have no or only one impurity. The absence of nitrogen or only small traces renders the diamond colourless (D, E, F Colour). Increasing amounts of D, E, F colour still render the diamond white but are then classified as a ‘near colourless’ range.

Not all diamonds are the same, and it is this difference that determines the quality of the diamond and its value.

Diamond jewellery is broken down into 4 categories. Click on the links below to see our collection!

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