Looking for a standout piece to add a touch of glamour to your outfit?

Coloured gems qualify as a gemstone due to its beauty, durability, rarity and colour. MONTASH Jewellery Design can custom create an elegant piece that reflects your unique style.

Coloured gems are separated into three categories Precious, Semi-Precious and Ornamental.

Coloured Gems:

  • Sapphires
    Sapphires are beautiful and rich in blue and occasionally green hues. Sapphires are made from the same material as Rubies but differ with different trace elements that lead to the deep ocean colour. The most common and valuable Sapphire is the cornflower blue stone.
  • Rubies
    Rubies are popular for their rich red vibrancy and are generally a symbol of passion and love.

  • Pink Diamonds
    Pink diamonds are a rarity yet are also known to represent love and romance. Pink hues can range from dark purple and fuchsia and lighten through to blush and light champagne tones.
  • Yellow Diamonds
    Yellow diamonds can come in a wide range of hues from canary yellow to orange and amber tones.
  • Green Diamonds
    Green diamonds range from a lime peridot colour through to dark emerald sea-greens.
  • Black Diamonds
    Black Diamonds range from light smokey grey tones through to rich sky night hues.
    For more information on the coloured stones and gems we use to create everlasting engagement rings and dress jewellery contact us at MONTASH Jewellery Designs.

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