Give the gift that shows you care…Anniversary Jewellery

At MONTASH Jewellery Design, we have a wide range of unique anniversary jewellery pieces that are sure to show your love how you feel. Whether its a piece to complement their wedding and engagement ring or something new, MONTASH can help you find a gift they will love. Come in to our design boutique and retail store and explore our range of jewellery. Alternatively you can meet with one of our designers to design the perfect piece!

Traditionally milestone anniversaries are associated with certain gems and metals:

  • 1st Eternity Ring or Gold
  • 2nd Garnet
  • 3rd Pearl
  • 4th Blue Topaz
  • 5th Sapphire
  • 6th Pink Tourmaline or Amethyst
  • 7th Onyx or Copper
  • 8th Tourmaline or Bronze
  • 9th Lapis Lazuli
  • 10th Diamond
  • 11th Diamond
  • 12th Turquoise
  • 13th Jade
  • 14th Citrine
  • 15th Ruby
  • 16th Peridot
  • 17th Watches or Amethyst & Citrine
  • 18th Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl
  • 19thAquamarine
  • 20th Emerald or Platinum
  • 21st China or Platinum
  • 22nd Spinel
  • 23rd Imperial Topaz
  • 24th Tanzanite
  • 25th Silver
  • 30th Pearl or Diamond
  • 35th Emerald or Coral & Jade
  • 40th Ruby
  • 45th Sapphire
  • 50th Gold
  • 55th Alexandrite or Emerald
  • 60th Diamond
  • 65th Blue Spinel or Star Sapphire
  • 70th Sapphire
  • 75th Diamond
  • 80th Ruby

Contact us at MONTASH Jewellery Design to find out more about our unique anniversary jewellery creations today.

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