Every piece from MONTASH Jewellery Design is unique and requires special care to keep it looking its best. Below are some jewellery care instructions that we recommend to help you keep your jewellery looking like new!

Jewellery Wear

Jewellery wears depending on the setting, material and frequency of wear. For this reason, MONTASH advises that you remove your jewellery:

  • before applying moisturisers and other skin creams, sunscreen, dyes, hair sprays and perfumes.
  • to avoid the jewellery coming into contact with abrasive soaps, chemicals, detergents, bleaches, ammonia or alcohols as these chemicals will cause discolouration and damage.
  • prior to washing, bathing, doing dishes, household chores, strenuous activities, exercise, sport, swimming (both ocean salt water or chlorinated pools), to prevent scratching, denting or loss of gemstones.
  • before going to bed to avoid kinking or breakage especially rings to avoid the possibility of your fingers swelling during sleep.
  • to avoid water and germs getting trapped underneath and causing inflammation/eczema.

Secure settings

Settings should be checked by a jeweller at least once a year. Although MONTASH takes great care when making jewellery pieces, any hard knocks can cause damage to the setting. If you drop or knock your setting it is always best to take the piece to MONTASH to have it checked so as to not risk losing the piece or a gemstone.


When you are not wearing your jewellery, the best place to keep your jewellery is in the box you were provided at purchase or on a jewellery holder. This will protect the jewellery from being scratched, and from scratching other pieces.

Cleaning & Maintenance

MONTASH offers a jewellery cleaning service free of charge. We will clean your jewellery and check the setting to ensure that your piece stays looking its best and to help prevent loss from damage and wear.

If you are unable to get to MONTASH to have your jewellery professionally cleaned you can clean your jewellery by leaving it to soak in a bowl of warm water with a mild liquid detergent for a few minutes, then using a soft bristle toothbrush to gently clean. Rinse the piece under lukewarm running water and use a soft cloth or tissue to dry the piece. *Please note exceptions to cleaning your jewellery pieces in this way are outlined below*.

MONTASH discourages customers from cleaning their own jewellery pieces and does not take any responsibility for any damage arising from said cleaning.


During the course of ordinary wear, a diamond is exposed to dirt, dust, perspiration, makeup, and natural skin oils, as well as household chemicals, like chlorine and hairspray. Over time, these materials build up on a diamond, dulling its natural beauty.

MONTASH recommends having your diamond professionally cleaned and inspected once every six months or if it undergoes some form of trauma, such as being dropped or hit against a hard surface. These inspections help prevent the loss of your gemstones in the event your ring has been inadvertently damaged.


MONTASH recommends that you only clean your pearls with a damp cloth. We also recommend that you remove your pearl jewellery before showering or swimming to avoid pearls dislodging from settings. Care is needed with washing hands constantly as over time the glue corrodes. Checking and reglueing of pearls is recommended.


Keep your gold jewellery away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning fluids. This will reduce daily abrasions and prolong gold’s lustre. For heavy scratches and a professional finish, MONTASH offers a repolishing service.

White gold

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and palladium and has the slightest tinge of yellow to it. To maintain its bright white appearance your white gold piece will need to be rhodium plated every year to 18 months depending on wear. MONTASH only uses white gold alloys that are of the highest quality.


MONTASH only uses the highest quality Sterling Silver from Australian suppliers and takes great care making each piece. As with most precious metals, in time silver will lose its shine and sometimes tarnish. For heavy scratches and a professional finish, MONTASH offers a re-polishing service.


Some gems can be affected by detergents and water temperature so we advise that only cold water and no detergent be used to clean the following:

  • Emerald
  • Tanzanite
  • Ornaments


Because the unforeseen does happen, MONTASH strongly recommends that you insure your jewellery against loss, theft, and damage. MONTASH does offer full jewellery insurance through Q Report (Chubb Insurance Australia Limited) which covers you for loss, theft and damage both locally and internationally. For further details or to get a quote, contact us at MONTASH today! Alternatively, you can also contact your home and contents Insurance provider for more details on how to add the piece to your cover.

For more information on jewellery care, please contact our experienced staff today.

Last Updated 9th May 2017
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