At MONTASH, we like to help our clients understand the value of diamonds, gems and jewellery through education. Whether this is education on current jewellery pieces or new purchases and makes, educating our customers is a part of our service.

We offer complete diamond and jewellery valuations to ensure our client’s jewellery is of the highest quality. Our qualified Gemmologist Monique has extensive knowledge and understanding of diamonds and gems and can offer clients an accurate valuation of their jewellery based on her many years of experience in the industry.

As a qualified member of the Gemmological Association of Australia and a registered valuer for the National Council of Jewellery Valuers, Monique strives to provide her clients with authentic evaluations.

We have also provided some useful information about diamonds and how they are valued. Click on the links below to learn about how we value and characterise your precious jewels.

At MONTASH we not only believe that you need to know about your jewellery & gems and their value, but we also think you should know the correct way to keep your unique pieces looking their best! Care guidelines that we recommend to help you keep your jewellery looking like new can be found on our Jewellery Care Instructions page.

For more information contact us at MONTASH Jewellery Design to speak to our educated jewellers.

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