Terms and Conditions of Sale


  1. All pricing and quotes are current at time of enquiry.
  2. Quotes are valid for 30 days.
  3. Quotes that have extended past the 30 day validation will need to be reassessed at current date pricing.
  4. All MONTASH quotes are based on the material & gem standards as listed below.

Material & Gem Standards

MONTASH Jewellery Design has established a minimum preferred level for the standard of jewellery produced. We do offer jewellery made below these standards, but we have based our recommendations to ensure the long term structural integrity of the piece. These standards include:

  1. Diamond matching – we ensure all diamonds match in cut, grade, colour & clarity
  2. Gold & other metals are of the highest quality available – which includes only using extra white gold in our designs.
  3. All our jewellery is made for strength & stability.
  4. All claws and settings are made to be durable & robust.

Makes / re-modelling

  1. An order will not proceed until 50% deposit is paid.
  2. Approximate delivery date will be available once full deposit is received.
  3. No cancellations accepted on orders and custom made pieces.
  4. Sale price is subject to change prior to the payment of the 50% deposit on orders.
  5. To ensure adequate time for a jewellery piece to be made, whilst ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship, please allow the following times for re-modelling and makes:
  6. Re-modelling: 6 – 10 weeks
    Simple Make: 3 – 4 weeks
    Detailed Make: 6 – 10 weeks

  7. Please note that any requests required urgently outside of the times above will incur additional cost.
  8. Please also note that a setting insurance fee is applicable on all large gems for remodels. The insurance fee is also applicable on gems for new jewellery pieces when not purchased through MONTASH Jewellery Design.
  9. Customer items left for more than 2 months will not be covered by MONTASH insurance.

Lay-by & Exchanges

  1. Stock items require a minimum 50% deposit for lay-by.
  2. A minimum monthly payment of $200 is to be paid on all lay-bys.
  3. Lay-bys are to be finalised in 8 weeks or less.
  4. Any returns on stock items are at the discretion of MONTASH Jewellery Design and will only be given as store credit or exchange.
  5. If the item exchanged below the cost of the original purchase will remain as a store credit for a period of 12 months only.
  6. Exchange of higher priced items will also be at the discretion of MONTASH Jewellery Design with additional payment to be made as required.
  7. Stock items on lay-by, if cancelled, incur a 20% cancellation fee and no refunds will be given if lay-by terms have not been adhered to.
  8. Cancellations and / or exchanges are not allowed once items are resized and / or altered.
  9. The person whose name is on the invoice must either collect the goods or supply permission for someone else to collect the goods.
  10. Please bring any invoices and / or Customer Order slips with you when making payments and collecting goods.
  11. Customer items left for more than 2 months will not be covered by MONTASH insurance.

Ring Sizing

  1. All ring sizes will be supplied in the size(s) requested by the purchaser at the time of purchase.
  2. Changes to the ring size thereafter will be at the expense of the purchaser.
  3. Rhodium plating of white gold jewellery will be included as required for new purchases. An additional fee will occur after that time if re-sizing is required as in (2.) above.

Faults, Damage & Repairs

  1. MONTASH takes great care when making new jewellery pieces, so if your jewellery requires repair caused by a manufacturing fault, MONTASH will repair the piece free of charge.
  2. The period of the manufacturing warranty for new pieces will be for a period of 3 months.
  3. Damage and / or repairs required to jewellery pieces which are not deemed to be manufacturing faults will be the responsibility of the customer.
  4. All pieces will be inspected by our qualified gemmologist and jeweller to deem the reason for any faults and damages using high quality magnification and other testing tools.
  5. Warranty on non-MONTASH repaired pieces will also be 3 months unless deemed to be a repair fault and is at the discretion of MONTASH Jewellery Design.

MONTASH Gift Certificates & Credits

  1. MONTASH Gift Certificates can be purchased for values $50 and over.
  2. MONTASH Gift Certificates are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
  3. MONTASH Gift Certificates are non-transferrable.
  4. MONTASH Gift Certificates are valid for use on jewellery makes & retail purchases.
  5. MONTASH Gift Certificates can not be used for repair of jewellery.
  6. MONTASH Gift Certificate purchases are subject to the standard MONTASH terms and conditions.

Client Incentive Program


  1. All purchases and work completed using a Gift Card is subject to the terms of the MONTASH Jewellery Design standard terms and conditions.
  2. Changes to these terms and conditions are subject to the discretion of MONTASH Jewellery Design and can change at any time.
  3. Rewards are only available to those who are members of the Client Incentive Program. Members can join at time of purchase and / or referral.
  4. All Gift Card(s) will be issued electronically to the reward earner via email. A valid email address must be supplied to MONTASH to be able to receive and redeem the credit.
  5. Gift Card(s) are valid for 1 year from date of issue.

Use of Gift Card(s)

  1. Gift Card(s) are not redeemable for cash.
  2. Gift Card(s) are not valid for use at time the reward is earned and are to be used for the next purchase / transaction.
  3. Gift Card(s) are not valid for any other promotions or offers including laybys.
  4. Gift Card(s) can be added together to form a larger credit but only to the maximum total of $200.
  5. Gift Card(s) are to be used in their entirety at time of use. No part use of Gift Card credit is available.
  6. Gift Card(s) are non-transferable.
  7. Gift Card(s) are only valid for purchases of $100 or more.
  8. Gift Card(s) not valid for repairs and resizing of rings.
  9. Gift Card(s) can only be used for makes and retail purchases. Client must pay for any metals & gemstones and other materials used.

Website policy


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Changes to this website and Conditions

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