MONTASH designers pride themselves on enhancing their knowledge base through constant industry education…

At MONTASH, jewellery design & manufacture is a major area of expertise. Monique, the founder of MONTASH Jewellery Design is a qualified Gemmologist, Registered Valuer, Diamond Specialist & Jeweller.

Monique has been in the diamond and jewellery industry for over 25 years. She has also been creating and designing unique jewellery from her Brisbane design boutique for 14 years.

The design and retail boutique is where the majority of her pieces are shaped, re-sized and created to your design & taste.

Knowledge of fine jewels…

Monique specialises in crafting engagement rings, wedding bands and all occasion jewellery. She has extensive understanding of natural and synthetic gems, as well as treatments and enhancements to gemstones in the market. MONTASH Jewellery Design prides itself on enhancing its knowledge base and is kept up to date through constant industry education.

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Monique has completed an Advanced Diamond Grading course and a Diamond Technology course with Gemmological Association of Australia. She has also completed the HRD Antwerp Diploma Diamond course, covering all aspects of diamonds including the latest information and technologies on synthetics, treatments, coating, laser drilling and fractured filling diamonds.

Our jewellery designers also regularly attend seminars through world-renowned Gemmological Associations of Great Britain to gain a wider understanding of latest synthetics, as well as treated rubies and sapphires.

To learn more about our luxury fine jewellery designs contact us at MONTASH Jewellery Design.


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